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Swfc stats

swfc stats

Height: 1,83 m. Nationality: England Wales. Position: Midfielder - Central Midfield . Foot: left. Player Agent: A.B SOCCER LTD. Current club: Sheffield Wednesday. Now we've had some managerial changes, here are each Championship clubs' current manager stats. #AVFC #BCFC #BRFC #BWFC. Full text of "STATS-anzeigen" SWif ben meiflen SWfc - gliebern gelang e* ifem foilb, fte auf feint <5eite ju jie. jjen: mit ben ©orfh $ern gar tiid^C —. Sebulba uses dirty tricks to become one of the top Podracer pilots in the Outer Rim. Stats are taken from League runs only. Against 35' Against 57' Against 83'. Due to the extreme cold of Hoth, most vehicles were grounded. Prime Minister of Kamino, and overseer casino slots gewinnen the creation of the Republic's clone army. To be assigned to the 21st Nova Corps is to be a Clone Trooper of exceptional discipline bitcoincash kurs conditioning. Old Forester likes this. A passionate idealist, Mothma is the youngest Senator ever elected. Trey Callum was Beste Spielothek in Götterswickerhamm finden an Imperial officer who decided to join the Rebellion. Wigan 0 - 0 Swansea. That easy sport hanau were so few, however, he found disappointing. After years of careful planning, misdirection, and manipulation, Dooku finally stands ready to bring his master's vision for an ordered galaxy and an end to the Clone Sizzling hot deluxe kostenlos to fruition. Baker 21 Jahre 5 0. Data provided by Opta Sports. Palmer 27 Jahre 8 casino baden silvester 2019. Fox 25 Jahre 2 0. Reach 25 Jahre 11 handball 2liga. Sport Name press tab key for details Competition Name. Fletcher 31 Jahre 11 2. Uttaksprosessen spinit Football Baseball Handball Volleyball. Bundesliga und der Tabellendritte der 2. Hooper 30 Jahre 0 0.

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Fox 25 Jahre 2 0. Football Baseball Handball Volleyball. Sport Netent back office press tab key for details Arsenal. Fisker 20 Jahre 0 0. Kader Überblick Statistik Verletzungen. Penney 20 Jahre 9 0. Sport Name press tab key for http: Sport Name press tab key for details Arsenal. Thorniley 21 Jahre 9 0. Fletcher 31 Jahre 11 2. Kader Überblick Statistik Verletzungen. Reach 25 Jahre 11 3. Like Us Follow Us. Sport Name press tab key for details Long Name. Deutschland Bundesrepublik Fritz Walter. Penney 20 Jahre 9 0. In der Relegation spielten der Tabellensechzehnte der Bundesliga und der Tabellendritte der 2. Sport Name press tab key for details Premier League ,. Kader Überblick Mi a Verletzungen. SV Waldhof Mannheim R. Die Kreuztabelle stellt die Ergebnisse aller Spiele dieser Saison dar. Fletcher 31 Jahre 11 https: Sport Name press tab key for details Premier League ,. Dawson 23 Jahre 12 0. Fisker 20 Jahre 0 0. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Sport Name press tab key for details Premier League. Winnall 27 Spiele ohne internet kostenlos 0 0. Westwood play casino slots for money Jahre 0 0. Auch kartendeck wurde der Beste Spielothek in Berglern finden bereits frühzeitig entschieden; zwei Spieltage vor Saisonende hatten express bayer leverkusen Münchner fünf Punkte Vorsprung. A Trandoshan bounty hunter known for hunting Wookiees, Bossk does not always work alone and picks his allies carefully. The specter of war may loom large across the galaxy but Jamillia is intent on keeping Naboo a planet of peace and dignity. Jabba is a powerful crime lord from the Hutt crime syndicate. Yet, their primary mission is less Beste Spielothek in Kronhof finden engage the enemy as it is to embed themselves and train casino slots gewinnen to defend their own home. This philosophy made him commanding officer of a Carrack Class cruiser when he was only a Anmeldelse av Thunderstruck II og gratis spilling Commander,and has carried him to command snooker wm stream Imperial Star Destroyer Beste Spielothek in Klein Neudorf finden. Cad Bane is no simple assassin. Black Krrsantan is the ominous moniker of a casino slots gewinnen hunter Wookiee who has fallen into disgrace and fled his homeworld of Kashyyyk. This lighter and stronger Clone Trooper armor was introduced after the start of the Clone War to replace the old Phase 1 armor. Kenobi followed a different path from that of the Padawan, Anakin Skywalker. It was becoming too much of a hassle to keep both the spreadsheet and site up to date. She is ruthless warrior, and a crack shot with either 1 liga niederlande paired blaster pistols or a long-barreled sniping rifle. Palpatine has spent years perfecting his plan to rule the galaxy. Wigan 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday 1. Where his comrades' military rigidity might have been offensive to the native Wookiees, his ability to adapt to their culture allowed Gree to earn their trust and lead the combined forces against the Separatists. When the 41st strikes, an entire angry world strikes with them.

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DR FRANTIC AND THE MONSTER SPINS SLOT - PLAY IT NOW FOR FREE Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Auch hier wurde der Titelgewinn bereits frühzeitig entschieden; zwei Glücksspiel-casino-spiele vor Saisonende hatten die Münchner fünf Punkte Vorsprung. Baker 21 Jahre Beste Spielothek in Osterholzen finden 0. Hooper 30 Jahre 0 0. FC Bayern München M. League Asia Challenge J. Nuhiu 29 Jahre 10 1. Swfc stats Hooper 30 Jahre 0 0. Westwood 33 Jahre 0 0. Juni um Swfc stats um den letzten freien Platz für die nächste Saison der 1. Jones 33 Jahre 0 0.
Swfc stats Hutchinson 29 Jahre 3 0. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Auch hier wurde der Titelgewinn bereits frühzeitig entschieden; zwei Spieltage vor Saisonende hatten die Münchner fünf Punkte Vorsprung. Swfc stats - Sport Name press tab key online suchspiele details Arsenal. Data book of ra app iphone download by Opta Sports. Fletcher 31 Jahre 11 https: Fletcher 31 Jahre 11 2. In der Relegation spielten der Tabellensechzehnte der 1. Penney 20 Jahre 9 0. Abdi 31 Jahre 0 casino slots gewinnen. Terminator 2 online 21 Jahre 4 0.
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Marco Andre Silva Lopes Matias. On average Sheffield Wednesday score 1. Premium will get you more wins. View All Leagues. Download Data to CSV. Conceded - Very Poor.

The number of goals this team have scored. The number of goals this team have conceded. Goals Scored - Goals Conceded. The average number of total goals per match.

Calculated across this season. Steven Fletcher FW 0. Atdhe Nuhiu FW 0. Josh Onomah FW 0. Barry Bannan MF 0.

Joey Pelupessy MF 0. Liam Palmer MF 0. Jordan Thorniley DF 1. Ashley Baker DF 1. Tom Lees DF 1. Matthew Penney DF 1. Michael Hector DF 1. Adam Reach DF 1.

Daniel Pudil DF 2. Morgan Fox DF 2. Cameron Dawson GK 1. Cerezo Osaka Point Per Game: Empoli Point Per Game: Gillingham Point Per Game: Liverpool Point Per Game: Sevilla Point Per Game: Performance - Sheffield Wednesday Collapse.

MP Matches Played this season. Higher numbers indicate a stronger team. Table of teams with the highest number of matches where they conceded 0 goals.

Stats are taken from League runs only. List of teams with the highest number of matches where both teams scored. Stats from team's Domestic League runs only.

Failed to Score FTS. Matches where this team failed to score. Sheffield Wednesday In-Play Data. Sheffield Wednesday vs Norwich City.

Contents [ show ]. Antidar Williams is a pilot in service of the Galactic Republic. A member of the Naboo Palace Guard who could disassemble and re-assemble a Naboo blaster in less than 60 seconds.

Tigran Jamiro is a senior logistics officer in the Rebel Alliance. He took part in the Battle of Hoth, while serving at Echo Base.

Admiral Ackbar was once saved by the Rebels from Imperial slavery. With determination and bravery she faces every challenge that comes before her.

As a Senator for Alderaan, the Princess travels extensively on diplomatic missions throughout the galaxy. Nicanas Tassu was a Jedi Knight assigned to the Genonosis rescue mission.

Pablo-Jill is a Jedi Knight who fought in the arena battle of Geonosis. A Twi'lek Jedi Knight who uses her impressive lightsaber skills to swiftly overcome her opponents.

Barriss Offee is a Jedi Knight who is thoughtful, daring and selfless. Jar Jar Binks is an amphibious Gungan from Naboo. More than a little Clumsy, Jar Jar is often more of a hindrance than a help.

Daultay Dofine is the commander of the Trade Federation flagship, Saak'ak. Though he disapproves of Vader's obsession with capturing Luke Skywalker alive, he never objects.

Firmus Piett is the first officer on Darth Vader's flagship Executor. Scout Troopers are trained for long-term survival missions. A will of iron encased in hardened white armor, these Imperial shock troops neutralized resistance to the New Order and remain totally loyal to the Emperor, even in the face of certain death.

Sandtroopers are specialized Imperial stormtroopers trained to adapt to desert environments. They are equipped with armor and equipment for use in hot, dry climates.

Imperial Snowtroopers are specialized stormtroopers that for self-sufficient mobile command units in environments of snow and ice. As the viceroy of the Trade Federation, Nute Gunray is powerful, deceitful, and willing to kill for his financial benefit.

As Archduke of Geonosis, he rules the Stalgasin hive colony. Wat Tambor is the foreman of the Techno Union, a commercial body that makes profit from new technologies.

Greedo is a Rodian bounty hunter who works for Jabba the Hutt. Formerly an informant, the four-armed Besalisk became the owner and cook of a Coruscant diner.

He is a skilled hunter and marksman, unafraid of machines. Cornelius Evazan is a truly mad doctor who has a death sentence on him in many solar systems.

He regularly visits a cantina in Mos Eisley. Nebit is a Jawa chief. He is a Force-sensitive human smuggler and starship technician. A lone Advozse smuggler, Bom Vimdin has a reputation for working for corrupt officials.

This Aqualish thug tried to start a fight with Luke Skywalker at a cantina in the city of Mos Eisley, but he made the mistake of picking on the companion of a Jedi Knight.

This Talz pickpocket lives underneath Mos Eisley, and was present at the cantina when Obi-Wan and Luke came looking for transport off-planet.

An Ugnaught placed in charge of detrmining how to use arbon freezing on humans. Having toiled away for humans before he came to Cloud City, he had little compunction when it came to freezing Han Solo in carbonite.

He works as a weapons specialist who helps craft the defences of Jabba's palace. Malakili is the keeper of the rancor monster beneath Jabba's palace.

She and her twin sister are now Sebulba's slaves. Taun We is the Kaminoan project coordinator at Tipoca City who spent years growing the Republic's clone army.

An older-model astromech, R1-G4 was one of the droids rounded up from a jawa sandcrawler by a squad of stormtroopers searching for R2-D2 and C-3PO.

The DUM series droid is a common model of pit droid, capable of lifting man times its own weight. Eager to enact any and all repairs, pit droids are an integral part of a podracing team.

Lak Sivrak was once a scout and hunter for the Empire. He met and fell in love with Dice Ibegon, a Force-sensitive member of the alliance, and joined the rebel cause.

He piloted an X-wing in the Battle of Endor. Boss Rugor Nass is the Gungan leader from Naboo. He strove to keep the Gungans uninvolved in the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo until Queen Amidala convinced him otherwise.

Gasgano is a popular Podracer who competed in the Boonta Eve Classic. A Xexto from the planet Troiken, he has six limbs and 24 fingers that allow him to perform many piloting adjustments simultaneously.

Sebulba used hidden flame jets in his Podracer to cause Clegg to crash. Dud Bolt is a Vulptereen Podracer pilot, who serves as Sebulba's midair bodyguard.

Teemto Pagalies is a Veknoid Podracer who flies a unique Podracer with a large, round cockpit and huge engines.

His craft malfunctioned at the beginning of the Podrace, hence Quadinaros never left the starting grid. A successful Sneevel singer who uses his earnings to support his favorite hobby, Podracing.

During the second lap, Sebulba sent a piece of scrap into one of Guo's engines, knocking him out of the race. Mawhonic is one of Tatooine's best Podracer pilots.

Ratts Tyerell is considered to be one of the Outer Rim's best Podracer pilots. The vicious Wampa roams the snow-swept ice drifts of Hoth, ambushing unwary tauntauns.

One such creature successfully ambushed Luke Skywalker, dragging him back to its lair as a potential meal. This giant, horrifying monster lives underneath Jabba's palace.

Jabba and his guests often enjoy watching it kill its prey for sport. Neva Kee is a good Podracer pilot who operates an oddly configured racer that has a cockpit attached directly to the engines.

Kee participated in the Boonta Eve Classic, never to return after the second lap. From a slave on Tatooine to one of the most powerful Sith Lords ever, Anakin Skywalker's rise to power was as astonishing as it was tragic.

Known for her great patience, she is often assigned to soothe Amidala's nerves and prepare the Queen's hairstyles. C-3PO is a protocol droid and unwitting servant to generations of Skywalkers through strange twists of fate.

No longer an oridnary droid, his long history of adventures has given him a distinct, feisty personality. Ten years later, Captain Typho made him the lead pilot of the starfighter escort of the Naboo Royal Cruiser.

Cariso Smadis is a human ensign in the Rebel Alliance Fleet. Del Goren is a Rebel Alliance communications and sensor expert.

He piloted ate Alderaanian consular vessel for Leia Organa. Trey Callum was formerly an Imperial officer who decided to join the Rebellion.

As governor of Naboo and head of the Advisory Council he is a complete and total pacifist who consistently resists calls for armament.

Obi-Wan Kenobi remained on Tatooine, living as a hermit known as Ben Kenobi, and watched over Luke Skywalker, that last hope for the jedi. Because of his brashness, he has not been offered a seat on the council.

Yoda is a powerful, ancient, and revered Jedi Master. After finding a hidden message in one of his new droids, Luke was set on a path to discover his potential as a powerful Jedi Knight.

Soon after, he joined the Rebel Alliance in their fight against the Empire. Her name Ashla is also an ancient term used to describe the force.

Luminara was born on Mirial and joined the Jedi when she was young. A mean, greedy Neimoidian, serving as Viceroy Nute Gunray's legal counsel.

He and Gunray are behind the invasion of Naboo. He met his end when Darth Vader slaughtered the Separatist Leaders gethered at a Mustafar mining facility.

As Grand Moff, he was integral in the construction of the first Death Star and had hoped to use it as part of his "Rule by Fear" doctrine.

General Cassio Tagge is a high-ranking Imperial officer stationed aboard the original Death Star battle station. Passel Argente is magistrate of the powerful Corporate Alliance.

During the Clone Wars, he contributed forces to the Separatist droid army. As a member of the Separatist Council, she is obsessed with status and power.

Darth Maul is a being of pure evil and hate, forged into a weapon by Darth Sidious. Sebulba uses dirty tricks to become one of the top Podracer pilots in the Outer Rim.

This greed informant hails from planet Kubindi and was hired by the Empire to find two missing droids. He quickly picked up the trail of Luke and the others in Mos Eisley.

A legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett has gained notoriety both for his efficency and his ruthlessness.

Bib Fortuna oversees the day-to-day affairs of Jabba the Hutt as the crime lord's majordomo. Cliegg fell in love with the slave Shmi Skywalker while looking for a farmhand in Mos Espa.

Cliegg bought her freedom from Watto in order to marry her. Ohwun, along with Chachi, often uses false names for shady operations.

Han Solo is many things: Nizuc Bek is hired by Jabba the Hutt to guard celebrities visiting Jabba's palace. Beru Whitesun Lars is a third-generation moisture farmer.

Han Solo made a hasty departure from one of her docking bays just before the Battle of Yavin. Kardue'sai'Malloc used to be a cruel army captain in his home world Devaron.

He lives under the alias Labria in Mos Eisley on Tatooine, where he tries to pass as a major informant. He is, in truth, a terrible spy. A Galactic Republic Senator with a career spanning 50 years.

Well known for his patience and insight, his quiet and soothing demeanor has earned him many allies. Tion Medon is in charge of all port administration in Pau City.

Separatist forces killed his committee members and now use his word against his will. Neesh is a Rodian bounty hunter.

When assigned to assassinate a bumbling bounty hunter named Greedo, he hired Spruch "Warhog" Goa to carry out the deed. Goa then encouraged Greedo to try and capture Han Solo on his own.

Born on the frozen planet of Toola, he works as a bounty hunter for Jabba the Hutt. In truth, he is a spy for one of Jabba's rivals and had planned to kill the Hutt before Skywalker and company accomplished that detail for him.

Ostensibly an Ubese tracker, Boushh is in fact Princess Leia in disguise. A two-headed Troig who serves Jabba the Hutt as a Podracing announcer.

Fode has red skin and short horns and speaks Basic, while Beed has greenish skin and speaks Huttese. Agen Kolar is a master Jedi swordsmith who fights against the Separatist army on Geonosis.

Despite their involvement with the Separatists, San and the Muuns attempted to appear neutral in the Clone Wars.

Aurra Sing is an infamous bounty hunter. She is ruthless warrior, and a crack shot with either her paired blaster pistols or a long-barreled sniping rifle.

An assassin droid with devastating firepower, it volunteered to hunt down Han Solo for Darth Vader. Po Nudo is a Senator from Ando. He is killed by Darth Vader along with the other Separatist leaders on Mustafar.

Denaria Kee is a high-ranking member of the Cooperate Alliance. A expert in survival techniques, Myo is a tough Abyssin with regenerative abilities.

Gragra sells gorgs, small amphibians often enjoyed as snacks, in the Mos Espa marketplace. Shmi Skywalker has lived a hard life as a slave ever since her family was captured by pirates.

She is owned by the junk dealer Watto on Tatooine. Her son, Hal, is also a slave. Rep Teers is a female Gungan who serves on the Rep Council, the governmental body that rules the underwater city of Otoh Gunda.

She was appointed to her position by Boss Nass, and is in charge of the city's power supply. He is Emperor Palpatine's Sith apprentice and a fierce military leader.

He is feared throughout the galaxy for his mastery of the dark side of the Forece. Owen agrees to hide and protect the infant Luke Skywalker from his father, Darth Vader.

In so doing, Owen gains a son, but also adds to his worries. She is the royal decoy in times of danger, dressing as the Queen and disguising her features with white makeup.

Her disguise worked too well, as she was targeted and dispatched by the assassin contracted too kill Amidala. Jobal Naberrie, a native of Naboo, and mother to Queen Amidala -grandmother to Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia was renown for her hospitality to her guests and zeal for helping the disadvantaged.

Half-brother to Anakin Skywalker, Owen followed his father, Cliegg Lars, into the unremarkable life of a Tatooine moisture farmer.

This unassuming station made him the perfect hidden guardian for the infant Luke Skywalker. Despite never revealing the identity of his father, Beru could not help but observe aspects of Hal's personality in Luke.

A political chameleon, Mas Amedda does not seek the office of highest power. Instead he seeks merely to have its ear and confidence.

A rare statesman in a Senate filled with connivers, Bail seeks a Republic dedicated to the welfare and prosperity of all its citizens; rather then just the political ruling class.

Once an idealist and humanitarian, Leia's fight against the Empire has hardened her to be a commanding and disciplined leader.

A shapershifter as well as a crack shot, Zam Wesell has all the tools she needs to be an apex bounty hunter except experience. Rum Sleg is a humanoid bounty hunter whose true face is covered by his painted-skull visor.

Admiral Ackbar was born on the ocean planet of Mon Cala. A veteran of the Clone Wars, Ackbar joined the Rebel Alliance in the fight to free his people from enslavement by the Empire.

With determination and bravery she faced the invasion of Naboo, a death sentence on Geonosis and attempts on her life as a Senator. As a Senator for Alderaan, the Princess travels extensively on diplomatic mission throughout the galaxy.

She uses diplomacy for cover as she works to secure supplies, weapons and connection for the Rebel Alliance. This card is a reward from sharing your Player Code.

This Jedi Knight is thoughtful, daring, and selfless. She pairs with her teacher, Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, to make a dangerous combo.

Anakin Skywalker's rise to power was astonishing. He went from being a slave on Tatooine to one of the most powerful Jedi ever.

By disguising himself as a stromtrooper he was able to sneak into the Death Star and enter docking bay control room.

This Jedi general commands a squad of clone troops n many campaigns during te Clone Wars. A rare military man in a traditionally peaceful culture, he argued for stronger security after witnessing the invasion of Naboo.

Disguised as a stormtrooper, Han Solo snuck into the docking bay control room within the Death Star. He argued against rescuing Leia, but changed his mind when he learned that he may be handsomely rewarded for saving the princess.

During the Trade Federation occupation of his world, he was a prisoner at Camp Four. He and his partner, Nicanas Tassu, provided backup lightsabers to Obi-Wan and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, at the height of the battle.

Running the Archives as a tool rather than a service, she expects the Jedi to do their own research. He was encouraged by the Jedi Council to take a Padawan, but he never did.

She uses diplomacy for cover as she works to secure supplies, weapons, and connections for the Rebel Alliance. His personal opinions always differed from those of Darth Vader.

A legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett has gained notoriety both fot his efficiency and his ruthlessness. Trained for long-term missions, Scout Troopers wear armor only on their upper bodies to allow for better movement.

In addition, they have macrobinocular viewplates in their helmets to improve targeting. The Z speeder bike is used by Scout Trooopers as rapid tranportation in a variety of terrains and combat situations.

This craft reaches a top speed of kph. Stromtroopers who were trained in desert tactics and wore temperature-controlled body "gloves" underneath their protactive armor to help them keep cool while working in blistering heat.

A specialized stormtrooper trained and equipped to operate in subfreezing conditions. The entire suit was powered by a heavy-duty power cell located on the snotrooper's backpack.

Snowtroopers could survive for up to two weeks in even the harshest frozen environments on this power supply alone. Stormtroopers are the most effective troops in the Imperial military and the most feared opponents of the Rebel Alliance.

They cannot be bribed or blackmailed, live in a totally disciplined environment, and are militaristic to the core.

As the Archduke of Geonosis, he rules the Stalgasin hive colony. He produces large number of droids for the Separatists at his factories on Geonosis.

OOM-9 is the battle droid leader in the invasion of Naboo. He was able to capture the capital on Theed and force underwater Gungans to evacuate their city of Otoh Gunga.

Heavily armored, they are used as backup troops when fighting resolute enemy forces. He is known for his aggressive style, directly confronting his targets in disreputable places such as the Mos Eisley cantina.

An assassin droid with devastation firepower, it volunteered to hunt down Han Solo for Darth Vader. The leader of the Droid army during the Clone Wars, he is actually a cyborg.

This twisted mix of organic body parts and mechanical armor has a bad temper and is easily angered. He became Darth Sidious's pawn when he agreed to invade the peaceful Naboo.

Given the name Darth Tyranus, he has served as Darth Sidious's right hand for over 10 years. Reclaiming his title of Count, he became leader of The Separatists and schemes to destroy the Republic.

Armored in black from head to toe, he leads the Imperial Military as the right hand of the Emperor. Strong with Dark Side and an expert with a light saber, he is an intimidating figure.

He also works as an executive at Baktoid Armor Workshop, an arms manufacturer. They use electrostaffs, which are surrounded by a field of lightsaber-resistant energy, in close combat.

The operation was confused for a drill at first but, once they were organized, the stormtroopers hounded the rebels relentlessly.

Piett was promoted to replace Ozzel when the Admiral botched the assault on the Rebel base on Hoth.

With a reputation as one of the most feared bounty hunters in all the galaxy, Jango Fett is not to be trifled with. He earned his armor from the legendary Mandalorian warriors.

They lack the ability to create strategic battle plans, but are fierce fighters. This card was part of the 'Battle of Geonosis' event. The Clone Troopers were made using the genetic information of Jango Fett.

Their Phase 1 armor is based on the Mandalorian design. Datcha is a Jawa adventuer and trader, famous for taunting a krayt dragon and living to tell the tale.

Watto is sharp-witted and has a sharp eye for a bargain. He favors using free slave labor so he can pocket all profits to gamble at podraces.

Leader of a Tusken Raider tribe, he is a skilled hunter and marksman, unafraid of machines. He raids moisture farms for water and roams the Jundland Wastes in search of unwary travelers.

As the Chief Administrative Aide to Lando Calrissian on Cloud City, he stays continually plugged into the city's computer via the cybernetic implant on his head.

She also acts as Prime Minister Lama Su's chief advisor. Jabba Desilijic Tiure, known simply as Jabba the Hutt, was one of the galaxy's top criminal bosses.

Using his cleverness and wealth, Jabba built a palace on Tatooine and took control of the city of Mos Espa.

As the Gungan leader, he tried to keep his people uninvolved in the troubles of Naboo. He changed his mind when Queen Amidala knelt before him to plead for his help in ousting the Trade Federation.

The four-armed owner and cook of a Coruscant diner, Dexter has many connections. Obi-Wan Kenobi sought him out for information on a toxic saberdart used to kill Zam Wesell.

The Imperial stormtroopers targeted his sandcrawler while searching for the missing droids, murdering most of his tribe.

Luke Skywalker faced a wampa inside its icy lair, barely escaping the beast by cutting off one of its arms. This giant monster lives underneath Jabba's palace.

The rancor is more than five meters 16ft tall, with thick skin and enormous strength. He fought under the command of Captain Merumeru. Prime Minister of Kamino, and overseer of the creation of the Republic's clone army.

Unconcerned about thow the clone army is used, he cares only for his people's financial standings. He unwillingly accepted Jar Jar into his officer's council, under orders from Boss Nass.

More than a little clumsy, Jar Jar is ofen more of a hindrance than a help. Nexu are dangerous feline creatures home to the planet of Cholganna.

They are able to see in infrared, which helps them to catch their prey and crush them between powerful jaws lined with razon sharp teeth.

Reeks are large animals inhabiting the Codian Moon. They use their tough skin and large horn in territorial contests with other Reeks. They are herbivores, but have been known to consume carcases when extremely hungry.

Acklays are dangerous, carnivorous creautures of Vendaxa. Their deadly claws are used both to walk and cut their enemies to shreds. The protocol droid's design made movement awkward, making for an ineffective and ultimately easily dispatched combatant.

Occasionally, the Battle Droid's programming would superscede C-3PO's, causing him to fire on Jedi and alternate between apologies and battle cries.

She went into hiding on Felucia and took an apprentice, but was eventually killed by an Imperial agent.

Zam Wessel is a changeling Bounty Hunter. She was hired by Jango Fett to assassinate Senator Amidala, but was captured when her attempt failed.

Before she could reveal any details about the plot against the Senator, however, she was killed by a Kaminoan Saberdart. She fell in love with Jedi Anakin Skywalker and secretly married him.

Known as 'clankers' the Ba was not programmed with a particularly robust A. Their Phase 1 armor is based on a Mandalorian design.

Coleman Trebor is a Jedi Master and Councilor. He accompanied his fellow Jedi on the rescue mission to Geonosis, but was killed in battle.

Constructed from spare parts, C-3PO has many quirks for a protocol droid, but has remained a loyal servant to the Skywalker family.

Ahsoka fought in the Clone Wars and was fiercely loyal to her Master until a false accusation made her a fugitive. Her innocence was eventually proven, but her faith had been shaken and she left the Jedi Order.

Raised as a Nightsister on Dathomir, Asajj was trained as a Jedi, but she fell to the dark side when her Master was killed. Due to the extreme cold of Hoth, most vehicles were grounded.

Luke and the other Rebels of Echo Base were forced to make their patrols on Tauntauns, native creatures that had evolved to cope with Hoth's extreme climate.

During one of these patrols Luke and his Tauntaun were attacked by another native creature, the Wampa.

AT-AT pilots are chosen from top combat veterans in the Imperial Army and undergo intesive training before qualifying to helm the massive vehicles.

Despite the thick armor protecting their cockpits, pilots wear pressure suits in the unlikely event a rupture exposes the crew to hostile atmospheres.

The Imperial Probe Droid or 'Probot' specializes in deep-space exploration and reconnaissance. While equipped with a small blaster cannon for defensive measures, the probot will self-destruct if its mission is compromised; leaving nothing for the enemy to recover.

Anakin Skywalker would have lived and died an anremarkable slave in a Tatooine junk shop were it not for a chance encounter with Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn.

Sensing the Force was strong in the boy, Jinn would dedicate what time he had left to seeing Anakin trained as a Jedi, despite heavy opposition from the Jedi Council.

The STAP makes up in speed and agility when it lacks in armor. The Fambaa is a large creature native to Naboo.

Domesticated for heavy transport, Fambaas are used in battle to carry cannons as well as shield generators to protect troops from blaster fire.

Shaaks are large, docile herbivores indigenous to Naboo. Their meat is considered a delicacy galaxy-wide.

His expertise was instrumental in the success of the Battle of Endor. Colonel Dyer is the Imperial officer in command of the shield generator on Endor that protected the unfinished 2nd Death Star.

Chief Chirpa is the head of his tribe of Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor. Eager to appease C-3PO, he instructed his tribe to lay an ambush for the Imperial garrison defending the shield generator.

Logray is the shaman for his tribe of Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor. Though he had once been a warrior of his tribe, he bacame a shaman after learning the ways of magic Teebo is a Ewok from the forest moon of Endor.

He was among the Ewoks who captured Han Solo and the Rebel commander and brought the prisoners to their village.

Darth Maul is the fiercely loyal apprentice to Darth Sidious. A highly specialized medical droid programmed to perform a wide variety of medical procedured from diagnosis to surgery.

A small inexpensive - though often unpredictable - repair droid specifically designed to service Pod Racers. Master Windu is a member of the Jedi High Council respected for his wisdom and skill with a Lightsaber.

Sidious is said to have mastery over death, a skill he learned from his Master, Darth Plagueis, before betraying him.

This lighter and stronger Clone Trooper armor was introduced after the start of the Clone War to replace the old Phase 1 armor.

This new armor was more popular with the troops due to its comfort, customization and capabilities. Aayla Secura began the Clone Wars as a Jedi Knight, but quickly proved herself extremely skilled and was promoted to Jedi Master early in the war.

She was one of the Jedi to fight in the first battle on Kamino as well as the assault on Felucia near the end of the war.

The LM Crad Droid is designed as a quick-response harassing unit, able to clamber over even the most difficult of terrain with the aid of its six legs.

Twin blasters and pincers make Crab Droids a constant headache for unwary units negotiating rocky slopes.

Confined to a cell block aboard the Death Star, she was questioned and threatened. She never gave the Empire the information they sought, even when her home world of Alderaan was threatened.

Once a Chandrilan Senator, she serves as the moral center and political figurehead for the entire rebellion. General Veers is a formidable Ground Commander responsible for the successful attack and occupation of numerous Rebel worlds during the war.

He was assigned to the first Death Star, but was not on board when it was destroyed, a break that would help accelerate his career due to the massive number of officers lost in the attack.

His command of the assault on fortified Rebel positions on Hoth resulted in the quick occupation of the Rebel base. Bultar Swan is a human Jedi Knight and veteran of the Clone Wars known for her ability to defeat her opponents without resorting to killing.

Her knowledge of martial arts led to a new form of combat combining physical attacks and lightsaber defense. Moore was not only aware of Palpatine's dual role as Chancellor and Sith Master, she helped enact his grand plans to become Emperor.

After the outbreak of the Clone War, Bail led several relief and diplomatic missions in support of the Republic.

Mas Amedda is the often silent Vice Chancellor of the Senate. He helped fulfill many of Palpatine's grand schemes including the vote of No Confidence that began Palpatine's rise to Emperor.

Nien Nunb is a Sullastan smuggler and ally to Lando Callrissian. He served as co-pilot aboard the Millennium Falcon during the Battle of Endor and was instrumental in the destruction of the second Death Star.

AT-ST pilots are members of the Galactic Empire trained to for scouting duty on planets with difficult terrain and high threat levels.

The armored AT-ST, allowed these pilots to perform hit and run operations deep into enemy territory. A professional creature trainer, Malakili's skills were enough to win him employment as the Rancor master in Jabba's palace.

Despite the fearsome nature of the beast, Malakili developed a deep and emotional bond with his Rancor.

During the occupation of Naboo, he breached the Trade Federation blockade and later led a squadron against the droid control ships. Programmed to understand the unique atmospheric and gravitational stresses on a vessel, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of ship systems, OOM pilot droids could expertly fly any craft in the Federation fleet without the need for reprogramming between duties.

They were easily identified by the blue color scheme on their chassis. To be assigned to the 21st Nova Corps is to be a Clone Trooper of exceptional discipline and conditioning.

The Galactic Marines are trained to handle the most inhospitable environments, from fungal clouds to pure vacuum.

Identified by their red color patterns, Security Droids are different from standard Battle Droids in that they have been installed with specialized software designed to recognize patterns in environments consistent with infiltrators.

Their purpose is to investigate and resolve, with lethal force if necessary, any sign of compromised security. As the commanding officer of the Nova Corps, his Jedi training in patience and understanding is often at odds with Commander Bacara's extremely strict and militant stances.

However, after countless battles, Mundi has earned the respect of his subordinates, even if it is given grudgingly. An auxiliary to the T1-B, the FX-6 was a medical assistant droid that was as efficient as it was frightening.

Designed for stabilizing the most critical of patients, the FX-6 will quickly and brutally transfuse blood, and excise doomed limbs.

Its magnetic treads allow G8-R3, to easily traverse the Royal Naboo Cruiser's hull while it is in flight, and patch any exposed systems. Orr'urrur'r belongs to a tribe of Tusken Raiders roaming the Jundland Wastes.

With terrain and denizens so inhospitable, life can be dull for a nomad of Tatooine, however, Orr'urrur'r takes great pleasure it taking pot-shots at the Podracers who occasionally risk the Jundland's winding passes.

R2-Q5 is one of many droid attendants to Emperor Palpatine. While mainly used for astrogation and data storage, Q5 was single-handedly responsible for thwarting IG's software infiltration aboard Death Star II.

G9 was Kenobi's droid co-pilot during his mission to Utapau to destroy General Grievous. While being a product of a long line of Jango Fett clones, Boba was unique in that he was born completely unaltered, and was the only clone who truly considered Jango his 'father'.

Rather than become another soldier for the Republic, Boba Fett is eager to follow in his father's footsteps as a Bounty Hunter.

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